Lighting Design

Below you will find a variety of different lighting options we offer along with a brief description of how and where the different types of lighting may be used.

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Wireless Up lighting

Up Lighting, also referred to as "Accent Lighting" is commonly used to light walls, pillars, decor and other various things from the ground up.  Our battery powered up lighting fixtures not only eliminate ugly cords and tripping hazards, but also give us DEPENDABLE wireless control capability so we can create multiple looks, scenes and effects throughout your event. The energy level and atmosphere we can create with this option has to be seen to be appreciated. Our fixtures have the latest LED Technology which allow us to achieve ANY COLOR(S) you wish.

 It's important to note that we utilize Premium Lighting Equipment that utilize industry standard "WDMX Wireless Solutions" control. This allows the control to work even in crowded environments such as a wedding reception with a large amount of people as well as a great distance between the lights and the Wireless Transmitter. If your lighting company is going to use wireless control it's important to verify they are using a professional, reliable and proven system.

Monogram & Logo Projection

We have talented graphic design artists we work with who can create a custom monogram that you can use to truly PERSONALIZE your event. The process typically involves a metal or glass disc to be designed, and then cut. It is then displayed through a special lighting projector. We also have the capability and equipment to display a monogram with High End Media Projectors. This allows us to display a Monogram Logo or ANY design onto different surfaces with full color and High Definition Resolution. We can also work with monogram designs you might already have. Repeating the monogram that you use on invitations, the cake, or other elements of your event can really bring everything together in a great way. Your Monogram or logo is usually shown in a prominent place within the room. For a wedding Reception, two great places to project your monogram would be centered on the dance floor or above the head table. We can create modern art style designs or traditional monograms to fit your personal tastes. Monograms are impressive by themselves but work incredibly well with our other lighting enhancements!


Projection Mapping

One of the latest and most impressive lighting enhancements available. Imagine taking any ordinary wall or Air Wall Divider (as seen from picture), and turning it into ANYTHING you want. Our investment in High End Media Projection and playback allows us to do so. It does take a lot of tedious planning as well as time on our behalf, but the result is stunning! 

Pin Spot Lighting

Some of the most common places we utilize Pin Spot Lights would be a Wedding Cake, Guest book, Centerpieces, Artwork , Floral Arrangements, Remembrance Table, Picture Frames, Decor and Signage. It is the best way to highlight specific areas and allow the detail to really stand out with contrast from other areas of a room. We most commonly use completely Wireless, Battery powered, LED, Pin Spot Lights that can last for many hours and blend in perfectly with various ceilings types and colors.

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Intelligent Lighting

There are various types of  Intelligent Lighting options available including Moving Head Lights, Blinders, UV/Black Light, Lasers, Starry Night Sky Projectors, Water/ Fire Effects, Multi color Led Par Cans and more. 

Laser Lighting

This can be quite the impressive lighting effect. While aerial effects can look quite stunning, wall projections can be eye catching as well.  

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